Private wealth management

Harper Capital Management LLC offers multi-asset strategies for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), professionals, family offices, and women. We construct personalized, diversified portfolios that are durable and protect capital.

The key features of our private wealth management services:

  • Long-term outlook
  • Bespoke solutions to suit your unique financial goals
  • Fee-based advisor
  • Objective advice/no conflicts
  • Active portfolio management
  • Outstanding service
  • Enduring partnerships

Women play a growing role in family finances and decision-making. Harper Capital Management provides customized solutions to help women achieve their special financial goals.

Founder Eswar Menon is a Trustee and Chair of the Investment Committee of the USD 4.5 billion San Jose Police and Fire Retirement Fund.

Strategy and methodology:

  • Harper Capital seeks to construct broadly diversified multi-asset portfolios that provide long-term growth and protect capital
  • We seek to use the power of long-term compounding of capital
  • We seek to meet investor goals and, at the same time, protect against permanent loss of capital
  • Our fee structure is aligned with the interests of investors

Portfolio implementation:

  • Customize portfolios to investor needs
  • Multi-asset portfolios - equity, fixed income, real estate, inflation protection, risk mitigation
  • Alternate assets for accredited investors

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