Institutional investment

Harper Capital’s leadership team has decades of experience in managing investments for:

  • Mutual funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Pension funds
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies

We seek to invest in high quality companies with durable, sustainable business models for long-term growth, when they trade at attractive discounts to intrinsic value. The valuation discount at purchase provide our investors a margin of safety.

Harper Capital offers three institutional equity strategies to investors:

  • Global
  • International Value
  • Emerging Markets

Founder Eswar Menon is a Trustee and Chair of the Investment Committee of the USD 4.5 billion San Jose Police and Fire Retirement Fund.

Strategy and methodology:

  • Harper Capital seeks to construct focused, strategy-specific portfolios that have high active share, provide long-term growth, and protect capital
  • We seek to use the power of long-term compounding of capital
  • We view risk as not the volatility from day-to-day changes in security prices, but the permanent loss of capital
  • Our fee structure is aligned with the interests of investors

Portfolio implementation:

  • Disciplined, high-conviction ideas approach
  • Low portfolio turnover
  • Financial modeling and stress testing
  • Risk mitigation and position sizing

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